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The Skyrunner® National Series is composed of XXXX categories/circuits:
Races with 1.000m positive climb within 5 km.
Races under 50 km with an estimated finishing time of under five hours for the winner.
Races exceeding 50 km with an estimated finishing time between five to twelve hours for the winner.

The Series is open to individual runners and teams with no nationality restrictions.

Race entry

The SNS competitions are open to runners of at least 18 years of age*  in possession of a medical certificate valid for the law of the country where the race is held. Competitors declare they have read and accept these rules and the general ISF rules. *(The age limit in Sky races below 3,000m may be lowered).

Titles & prizes

Titles and prizes are awarded to individual skyrunners based on the sum of the best results. The final prize purse is decided year by year.


Ranking points breakdown:

Men (down to the 20th position)

Women (down to the 10th position)

Races with extra 20% bonus points may be selected

Competitors’ rules

It is compulsory for all competitors to adhere to the rules and the local race rules, to observe good sportsmanship towards the other competitors, organisers, public and representatives.

Clothing & equipment

Competitors must wear and/or carry the clothing or equipment required by the race organisers’ rules.

Skyrunning equipment

In addition to individual race rules it may be necessary to include the use of tights, gloves, windproof jackets, hydration packs, helmets, sunglasses, etc depending on the course and/or weather conditions. The compulsory or recommended need for these materials must be displayed before each race and explained in the pre-race briefing. The use of ski poles is regulated by each race organiser either by allowing their use for the entire race, in a specific section, or even prohibiting their use. The points must be protected.

Winners’ jerseys

The race winners (male and female) must wear the Winners’ Jersey on the podium. If the jersey is not worn, points in the SNS will not be assigned whatever the final position of the runner.

Champions’ jerseys

The SNS Series’ Champions must wear the Champions Jersey on the podium.

Other awards

Winners or Champions must remain on the podium/stage to receive any other awards assigned to them.

Regolamento ISF

In case of dispute ISF rules will prevale. See full ISF Skyrunning Rules: